Many schools and sporting groups have utilized temporary seating provided by Access Solutions with good reason. With safety and cost effectiveness important to organizers and the audience, Access Solutions provides temporary grandstand bleacher seating that is strong and lightweight with anti slip textured seating decks.

Our system is made from aluminium rather than heavier steel so it is easily transported and installed quickly by our qualified scaffold team. In addition, it can be used inside or outside with aluminium that is clean and attractive looking and doesn’t leave a mess after it has been dismantled and taken away.

Seating structures vary in size from small seating configurations: the basic module of 3.3m deep x 2.5m wide. seats 20 adults comfortably, up to large grandstands capable of comfortably seating an audience of 800.

Access Solutions also supplies a complete service, including delivery, installation and dismantling.

Call the team on 0800 653 343 to discuss your event and Grandstand Seating requirements.