Whether it involves lifting, moving or placing objects and materials, an Access Solutions Telehandler can get the job done more quickly, more efficiently and definitely more safely. With 4WD, 3 steering options and smooth joystick controls, Telehandlers in particular are now a popular addition to many work sites. Terrific strength, flexible boom height, compact dimensions and an excellent turning radius are just some of the advantages over old fashioned fork hoists. Multiple attachment options (forks and jib) are available for the specific needs on any project, and the ability to perform on even the roughest terrain while providing safety and stability simply cannot be matched.

Telehandler Forks enable the driver to travel with their load in a typical pick up and carry method. Ideal for shifting and stacking wide loads.

Telehandler Jibs allow a long reach both over and under obstructions to place a heavy load or set equipment down onto a roof or elevated area. Ideal for freely suspended loads, it also enables drivers to hang trusses and reach through narrow openings such as a window or between walls to pick up or set down a load. If the site has scaffolding for exterior access, the jib attachment can reach over the structure to set down any building products.

Telehandler bucket attachment enables drivers to place material far beyond the normal reach of other types of loaders. The extendable reach means spanning across obstructions to move materials from one side of a crowdedjobsite to another is easy. Loading sand and gravel, backfilling behind high walls, dumping trash after a jobsite clean up are just some of the jobs which the bucket makes easy.

We supply Telehandlers across an extensive range of sizes and capacities. From the compact 2506 with a 2,500kg maximum lift capacity and 6m maximum lift height, to the mightier machines with a maximum lift capacity of 5000kg and 17m maximum lift height.

There are many sizes available within this range and if the project requires equipment outside these specifications , our Telehandler team can help organise it. Call 0800 653 343 to discuss your specific requirements.