New Kiwiscaf Aluminium Scaffolding For Sale

Access Solutions not only manufactures and supplies products for sale, the company is also able to offer all its products for hire. This is ideal for companies or individuals wanting a particular piece of equipment on a temporary basis.

Access Solutions offers a full range of NEW KIWISCAF scaffolding products including versatile mobile or static towers. We also manufacture our own brand of face scaffolding and modular scaffolding systems for single bay towers to multiple linked bays. All products meet the highest safety requirements and are quick and easy to erect providing safe and fast access to work areas. KIWISCAF Scaffolding is a modular aluminium scaffolding system that is rated for both light duty and medium duty applications. It provides a safe, stable and convenient working platform, complying with Australian / New Zealand safety regulations. We have a full range of scaffolding configurations to suit any specification.

Give our team a call on 0800 653 343 and we can discuss the best solution for your project and financial situation.

NZ NEW KIWISCAF Aluminium Mobile Scaffold (ex Warehouse Auckland)

  • 1 x Single Width 0.7mm (1 deck wide) 2.4m long aluminium 2.0m high (4.0m reaching) KIWISCAF mobile @ $3,322.00 plus GST - Light duty 225KG rating.
  • 1 x Double Width 1.2 (2 deck wide) 2.4m long aluminium 2.0 high (4.0m reaching) KIWISCAF mobile @ $3,870.00 plus GST - Light & Medium duty 450KG rating.

Light Duty:

  • Safe Working Load 225kg per working level.
  • Maximum number of working levels: 6 (six).

Medium Duty

  • Safe Working Load 450kg per working level.
  • Maximum number of working levels: 3 (three).
  • N.B. 0.7m wide towers are rated to light duty only.

Safe Practice

  • Any tower erected over a height of 5m MUST be erected by a ticketed scaffolder. Mobile towers are intended for use on a hard, flat surface (maximum slope 5 deg ....i.e. approx. 1 in 12).
  • Avoid power lines (minimum clearance 4m . . . consult local electricity authority).
  • Keep working platforms and landings clear of material and debris.
  • Do not attach containment sheeting or banners to freestanding towers.
  • Additional precautions should be taken to ensure stability of the tower in windy or gusty conditions.
  • All couplers or fittings used must be compatible with 50.8mm O/D tude.
  • Before using a Tower Scaffold always ensure that:
  • The tower is level and all castor are locked.
  • All frame legs are load-bearing and correctly seated on castor sleeves/screw jacks.
  • Outriggers (where used) are correctly fitted and adjusted and bearing on a hard flat surface.

When moving a Mobile Tower always ensure that:

  • The scaffold is unoccupied and all items are removed or secured.
  • All castors are unlocked and aligned in the direction of travel.
  • Avoid slab edges and other step downs (minimum clearance approx. 1m).
  • Always lock castor when finished . . . never leave a mobile tower unattended without locking the castors.
  • Maintenance and Handling:
  • Inspect all components for damage and/or wear before use.
  • Do not use sub-standards components.
  • Remove any build up of paint/plaster etc. (especially from brace ends and and castor/screw jacks threads).
  • Avoid damage by: Handling scaffold carefully
  • Transport and store neatly
  • DO NOT over-tighten couplers

Erection and Dismantling Instructions